We are honored that you are considering Wesley UMC at Frederica to serve as host to for your momentous occasion.  

Our goal is to provide both the personnel and the setting that will uphold the sanctity of marriage and magnify the joy that characterizes all Christian worship, most especially the service of Christian marriage. We rejoice with you and give thanks to God that you have chosen to establish your marriage relationship in covenant with God. Those who come to be joined in holy matrimony should recognize that we view marriage as a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, instituted by God. Therefore, we seek not only to make the wedding a joyful event, but more importantly, we strive to ensure that it is a meaningful religious ceremony, a true spiritual celebration. We will take seriously your own personalities and experiences, while at the same time maintaining Christian integrity in traditions that have enriched the marriages of countless generations of people who have preceded us. We believe that Wesley will provide a sacred and beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony. We invite and encourage you to download our Wedding Brochure. You should find the wedding pdf instrumental in guiding you through important details leading up to your wedding day.   


It is your responsibility to read, with great care and sensitivity, the following guidelines and ensure that everyone involved in this event (florists, decorators, directors, photographers, videographers, family members and members of your wedding party) understands and follows the guidelines as set forth herein. It is also your responsibility to ensure that adequate arrangements have been made to take care of all details relating to the wedding as they pertain to Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica.