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  • Sermons from April 2022 click to listen ▾

    04-03-22 "Lenten ‘Companio’ Series: Dinner with the Greatest Servant" - Have you accepted Jesus' hospitality & are you serving the Master?

    04-10-22 "Blessed are These That Come in the Name of the Lord!" - Jesus went to cross because of us and for us, have you trusted in Him?

    04-17-22 "Death's Demise!" - Christ's resurrection provides an invitation. Have you heard Jesus call your name?

  • Sermons from March 2022 click to listen ▾

    03-06-22 "Lenten 'Companio' Series: Dinner with 5,000 Close Friends” - As Jesus is filling you, are you feeding others?

    03-13-22 "Lenten 'Companio' Series: The Great Dinner" - Are you growing in humility during your walk with Christ?

    03-20-22 "Lenten ‘Companio' Series: A Dinner for Remembrance “ - God is willing to restore you like Peter, but are you willing to repent and believe?

    03-27-22 "Lenten ‘Companio’ Series: Dinner with a Wee Little Man" - Are you helping others see Jesus?

  • Sermons from February 2022 click to listen ▾

    02-06-22 "Practical Discipleship: Part One - Do others see Jesus in you?"

    02-13-22 "Practical Discipleship: Part Two - Do others see Jesus in you?"

    02-20-22 "Practical Discipleship: Part Three - Do others see Jesus in you?"

    02-27-22 "Practical Discipleship: Part Four - Do others see Jesus in you?"

  • Sermons from January 2022 click to listen ▾

    01-02-22 "Wesley Covenant Renewal Service"

    01-09-22 "Guide Us To Thy Perfect Light"

    01-16-22 "This is What is Required"

    01-23-22 "Walking With The Master"

    01-30-22 "Noah and His Ark - Is it safer to be in the Church or in the world?"

  • Sermon from June 2020 click to listen ▾

    06.21.20 "Easter Is Every Day"


    06.28.20 "Moses, Part One, Drawn Out of the Water"

  • Sermon from March 2020 click to listen ▾

    03.29.20 "When someone is convicted of a crime..."

    03.22.20 - "Save me, O God; for the waters..."

    03.01.20 - "Behold Your Mother, Behold Your Son."

    03.08.20 - "My God, My God, Why Have You..."

    03.15.20 - "Forgive Them..."

  • Sermon from February 2020 click to listen ▾

    02.02.20 - "Seven Churches, Part Two : The Impoverished Church"


    02.09.20 - "Seven Churches, Part Three : Idolatry And Perceived Life"


    02.16.20 - "Seven Churches, Part Four : Lukewarm"


    02.23.20 - "Seven Churches, Part Five : Church Of Jezebel And Church Of Love"

  • Sermon from January 2020 click to listen ▾

    01.05.20 - "Wesley Renewal Service"


    01.12.20 - "Wise Guys"


    01.19.20 - "The Great Windstorm"


    01.26.20 - "Seven Churches, Part One : Losing Your First Love"