Theology of tithing

We believe that the tithe is a biblical standard, one-tenth of one’s annual income, given as a contribution to support the ministry and mission of the church. According to the scriptures (Leviticus 27:30; Numbers 18:26; Deuteronomy 14:24; 2 Chronicles 31:5, the purpose of tithing is to teach us to put God first in our lives. Jesus said, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21). Tithing is a discipline that encourages us to focus on God as the source of our strength, rather than our own achievements or financial assets. Tithing leads to spiritual growth. We believe that tithing is “the minimum goal of giving….”, but does not specify net or gross. Some people tithe out of their gross income. Many tithe from their adjusted gross income and many tithe out of the after-tax income.

The important thing is to begin to tithe. God can always work on the details later! Tithing also provides the financial assets for congregations to launch and expand a wide continuum of ministries. Together, we are able to accomplish far more than most of us can achieve individually. We might consider giving money through the church, rather than to the church. When people give to the church, they are giving to sustain the institution. However, when people give through the church, they are empowering ministry. The spiritual discipline of tithing is one of giving through the church. We believe that tithing congregations are beacons of spiritual vitality and health. They are communities grounded in spiritual relationships, beginning with a relationship to God as the primary source of strength, hope, and life.”

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Are you focused on God's plan for your life and beyond? Have you updated
your will to include Wesley Church at Frederica?

Have you shared your wishes with family members? Explain to them how your lifetime contributions and your directions for your estate reflect your Christian values.

The JOHN WESLEY SOCIETY ENDOWMENT honors members and friends of Wesley Church at Frederica who have named the church in their wills and/or other estate plans. The Endowment is not just for the wealthy, it's for everyone! Please notify the church office if you have designated Wesley in your will; the amount need not be disclosed. You may be a Endowment member or remain anonymous.

Call your tax advisor today. For more information on various ways to give, please call the church.


In 2017, the church's finance committee established an endowment fund so that members and friends of the church can provide support in perpetuity for worthy causes.

Contributions in any amount are welcome and may be made in cash, securities, real estate, or other assets. Donor benefits can include income tax deductions, and in the case of appreciated property, avoidance of capital gains taxes.

The most important benefit comes from knowing that a contribution will outlive the life of the donor and that an endowment gift is an effective way of expressing gratitude for God's blessings.

Join us as a partner in the future of Wesley Church at Frederica.


Endowment income will not be used for general operating expenses of the church but for special programs specified by the donor or at the discretion of the Trustees to increase mission giving or other benevolent work.


He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully

Corinthians 9:6


The endowment is managed by the Georgia Endowment, and is invested in a conservative mix of investments.

A portion of each year’s growth will be retained to ensure that the value of the endowment funds is not eroded by inflation. Distribution will be made from the surplus earned.

A specially named fund can be established. Named funds, in memory or honor of loved ones, may be created with an initial gift of at least $100,000. Additional gifts may be made to the fund at any time.

Contributions in any amount may be made to the general endowment fund. Earnings on the general endowment funds will be distributed by the endowment upon the recommendation of the Endowment Committee and the Georgia Endowment.

The Endowment Committee includes seven members, also one Trustee, one Finance Committee Member and the Pastor of Wesley Church at Frederica.

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