Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica provides a trained sound technician for your service.

Microphones at the lectern and pulpit will be turned on. A cordless microphone will be available for the minister. If members of the bridal party (soloists, musicians, speakers, etc.) need a hand-held microphone, it is the responsibility of the reserving party to inform the sound technician, the Wedding Hostess Coordinator, or the wedding hostess.

No instruments belonging to the church, with the exception of the piano and the organ, are available for use at weddings. Sound technicians will not set up any music equipment - this is the responsibility of the reserving party and should be approved by the Wedding Hostess Coordinator or wedding hostess prior to the wedding.

Please note: Sound technicians record the wedding service on CD and will provide a copy to the wedding party. Recordings of the wedding service begin with the prelude and conclude with the recessional.