Wedding Candles
& Candelabras

The church has two (one pair) seven-branch wrought iron, floor candelabras and a matching wrought iron unity candle holder. If you would like to use these, please indicate this on your Wedding Reservation Form.

Holy Communion
in the Wedding

If you desire to serve Holy Communion during your wedding, you must abide by the following:

  • The minister must be authorized to administer the sacrament in his/her denomination.
  • The minister must use the United Methodist liturgy (page 12 or 15 in the UM hymnal).
  • The celebrant leading Holy Communion must invite everyone present to participate, regardless of church affiliation.
  • The elements for Holy Communion (and set up) will be provided by the church. It is the couple’s responsibility to communicate this request to the wedding hostess well in advance of the wedding.

The United Methodist Book of Worship states: Holy Communion may or may not be celebrated. If it is, it is most important that its significance be made clear. Specifically: (1) The marriage rite is included in the Service of Word and Table. (2) Not only the husband and wife but the whole congregation is to be invited to receive communion. It is Methodist tradition to invite all Christians to the Lord’s table. (3) There should be no pressure that would embarrass those who for whatever reason do not choose to receive communion. (B.O.W., page 115)

Flower Girl(s)
& Rose Petals

Only silk flowers may be used by the flower girl. They are, however, very slick on the hardwood floors, so please consider this before using them.


NO rice or confetti may be used, under any circumstance. Birdseed may only be used outside the building.



It is your responsibility to make sure that each person in your wedding party is made aware of this. Food and/or bottled water are allowed ONLY in the Bridal Suite, adjoining hallway, Butler’s Pantry, and Music Suite. There are to be NO beverages or food in the Sanctuary or Chapel. Since your wedding is a worship service in a United Methodist Church, a minister may refuse to consecrate a marriage where one or more of the participants may be impaired by alcohol, or any other substance.


WESLEY IS A NON-SMOKING CAMPUS. NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISES. Once again, it is your responsibility to make sure that each and every person in your wedding party is made aware of this.