Copy this page and present it to your florist so they may fully understand the guidelines of Wesley church.

The regulations for flowers and decorations are designed to:

  1. Prevent damage to Sanctuary furnishings
  2. Assure all fire codes are followed and all aisles and walkways are kept free from obstruction



  • Decorations must not be attached to pews or any other furniture by pinning, gluing, nailing, taping, or tacking.
  • No decorations may be hung on, attached to, or placed on top of the chancel rail.
  • No decorations will be hung from the walls.
  • Pew markers may be tied to the ends of pews using ribbons, covered hooks, or well-covered pipe stems. No clamps or other devices may be used to attach items.
  • Worship furnishings of the Sanctuary may not be moved, nor may decorations be attached or hung from them. This includes the pulpit, altar, baptismal font, and accessories.
  • No decorations will be used on the altar. (Cross and candles must remain in place). No decorations will be placed in front of the altar.
  • No aisle cloth/runner may be used (liability).
  • No candles are allowed on pews, in the aisles, or in windows. The only candles used will be the altar candles and candelabras provided by the church or florist.
  • If using Wesley’s unity candle, you must provide three 15-inch, dripless candles.
  • If using Wesley’s candelabras, the church provides the candles.
  • In the Sanctuary and Chapel, the altar candles will be used.
  • It is the responsibility of the reserving party to see that the florist follows the guidelines.
  • The reserving party and florist will be responsible for any damage to the floors, building or furniture.

Floral arrangements:

Assembly should be completed before delivery. If not, assembly must take place outside the building.

All containers must be leak proof. It is not required that the brass containers in the Sanctuary be used. However, if they are used, they may not be removed from the Sanctuary and liners should be used in them. Any flowers used in our brass containers must be removed immediately following the wedding. If you wish to leave your flowers for our Sunday service in honor of your wedding, please indicate your desire on the Wedding Reservation Form or notify the church office.

It is the responsibility of your florist to coordinate delivery and setup time with your Wesley wedding hostess. The Sanctuary or Chapel will not be opened for deliveries outside the scheduled delivery time.

The florist will have 1½ hours from the scheduled delivery time to decorate.

All wedding flowers left by the florist should be in leak proof containers and placed in the Chapel on the floor to the right side. They should be on a plastic liner to protect the floor. NOTHING should be left in the window sills, on the piano, or any of the other furnishings in the Chapel.

After the ceremony and pictures of the wedding party have been completed, flowers and equipment must be promptly removed. Persons removing flowers and equipment must be at the church 1½ hours from the time the wedding starts to remove their property.

You are asked to give a copy of these guidelines to your florist.