Declaration of Intent to Join the John Wesley Society Foundation

Endowment Gift Confirmation Form

Name of Donor(s)             
PART 1: CONFIRMATION - Please describe the terms of your Endowment Gift.
A. Type of Endowment Gift:
I/We have provided for Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica through my/our:
Retirement Plan
Insurance Policy
B. Designation of Endowment Gift:
Endowment: Please add my/our gift to the church’s General Endowment Fund.
Unrestricted Gift to the church (not an endowment gift): Please give my/our gift to the church to be used as
decided by the Church Council.
Restricted Gift to the Church (not an endowment gift): Please give my/our gift to the church to be used for .
C. My/Our Endowment Gift is in the following form and amount:
Estimated Amount: (List either Fixed amount or a percent. Since estates fluctuate in value over time, designating a percentage of your estate vs.
a dollar amount will maintain the proportionate value of your gift.)
Fixed Amount $ or Percent of the Estate %
Cash: Amount $ (This includes cash and other liquid assets.)
Specific: Property (A specific Endowment Gift is one in which you designate specific assets to your church,
such as real estate, artwork, stocks, bonds.)
Residuary: Estimated Amount $ (The church is bequeathed all or part of the remainder of your estate after other
Endowment gifts, debts, taxes and expenses have been paid.)
Contingent: Please attach the terms of the contingency to this form. (A Endowment gift to the church takes place only if the beneficiaries
named in your will predecease you.)
PART II ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Please let us know if/how we may recognize your generosity.
YES, I give the church permission to publish my/our name(s) in church publications and donor acknowledgements.
I understand that this will serve as an incentive for other faithful members to give.
YES, please enroll me as a member of the Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica Endowment Partners.
How do you wish your name(s) to be listed in any publications that acknowledge your gift intention?

I wish my gift to remain anonymous.

I understand that I am NOT making a legal, or binding, commitment by submitting this acknowledgement. Furthermore, the church should understand that the size of my future gift might be significantly different from the amount estimated above for the purposes of valuation.

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