Travel back to Bible times with us!

This past June, 250 kids met the apostle Paul during his missionary journey in Athens, Greece!

Check out our picture slideshow to see what an AWESOME adventure it was!

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Wesley hosts the BEST VBS in town, with amazing sets, realistic Bible storytelling, fun games, and the additional bonus of guest speakers from the community, varied service projects, and a closing celebration with water slides and more. 

This summer, we took kids back to ancient Greece and met with the apostle Paul on his brave and tenacious missionary journey to spread the Gospel.  Children crafted in a marketplace with a real potter and live animals, they played Olympic games, participated in mission projects, and witnessed Silas' miraculous prison break!  And keeping in tradition, we had a boys vs. girls coin collection contest to support our mission team serving perdiatric cancer families at a Blue Skies retreat in July. The boys pulled out a BIG win, and Ms. Maryellen got a PIE in her face!!  

Stay tuned as next summer approaches to find out where we'll go next!  Registration will open just after Easter.

SEE OUR PICTURE SLIDESHOW!!  Click here ---> VBS2019Slideshow