Bible Study

The last words of our Lord Jesus Christ should be the first concern of Wesley United Methodist Church at Frederica:
“Go make disciples.”

In each Bible Study, our Senior Pastor, Jerry Roe, teaches the spoken Word to us, expounding on one or more of the scripture lessons. 

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Listen to Recent Pastor's Bible Study Recordings:

Bible Studies from January 2020(click to listen ▾ )

01.22.20 - "Pastor's Bible Study : Gospel of John - Part 4"

Bible Studies from December 2019 (click to listen ▾ )

12.04.20 - "Pastor's Bible Study : Gospel of John - Part 3"

Bible Studies from November 2019 (click to listen ▾ )

11.13.20 - "Pastor's Bible Study : Gospel of John - Part 1"

11.20.20 - "Pastor's Bible Study : Gospel of John - Part 2"