Wesley is excited to offer a new and improved Wednesday afternoon and Wednesday Night Supper experience.

Wednesdays@Wesley is an enhanced after-school program that runs through the school year. It presents a unique opportunity for children in grades K-5 to participate in the Children’s Music Program, as well as Children’s Ministry programming, during one block of time right after school. To make it even more convenient for your family, we provide after-school pickup (upon request) and supervised homework and playtime before programming begins. Club 345 and Kids Jam will alternate with children’s music and choir rehearsals; then parents come in for supper together from 5:45-6:15pm and stay through the pastor’s lesson until 7:00pm. By the time families get home Wednesday night, your kids will have their homework done; they will have had choir practice, Bible groups, supper and playtime, and everyone will have enjoyed a mid-week connection of spiritual nourishment and community fellowship. Make this a part of your family’s weekly routine! (Click here for more information about Wesley’s Children’s Music program)